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Bringing some harmony to the UK trace and instrumental scene for decades.

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We make music to listen to, to dance to, to help you relax, to help you present, to complement your mood or to enhance it.

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Anno Domini is a UK-based synth music duo formed by Andy Dundas and Richard Massara. Their music is characterized by its catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and dreamy soundscapes. They often use vintage synthesizers and drum machines to create their music, which gives their sound a retro-futuristic feel.

Anno Domini has released a number of albums and singles, including "Parallel" (2013), "Overture" (2015), "Revival" (2017), and "Conflict" (2020). Their music has been featured in a number of films and television shows, including "Stranger Things" and "Black Mirror."

Anno Domini is a popular band among fans of synth music, electronic music, and retro-futurism. Their music is often described as being "cinematic" and "atmospheric." They are known for their energetic live shows, which often feature elaborate lighting and visuals.

What makes them unique:

* Their use of vintage synthesizers and drum machines gives their music a warm, analogue sound.

* Their melodies are often catchy and memorable, with a strong pop sensibility.

* Their rhythms are driving and energetic, often inspired by dance music genres such as house and techno.

* Their soundscapes are dreamy and atmospheric, often incorporating elements of ambient music.

Overall, Anno Domini is a unique and innovative synth music duo. Their music is a blend of classic and modern elements, and it appeals to a wide range of listeners.